Women’s Services

Our Technique

For the best wax, we follow three rules: Prepare. Process. Pamper.

At WAXIT, we make sure that before and after your wax, your skin is cleansed, waxed, nourished and soothed.

We offer a range of wax services designed to get you smooth, silky and sleek all over:


Full Moon

Includes waxing of both bum cheeks and between the cheeks

R 130.00

Two Moons

Includes waxing of both bum cheeks.

R 95.00

Total Eclipse

Includes waxing between the cheeks

R 100.00

Beach Ready

Includes waxing of the brief or speedo line

R 135.00


G-String line wax, does not include between the cheeks

R 180.00

South American Smile

Removes all hair except for a frontal strip. Excludes between the

R 220.00


Everything off, including in-between the bum cheeks.

R 260.00

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