Teen’s Services

Our Technique

For the best wax, we follow three rules: Prepare. Process. Pamper.

At WAXIT, we make sure that before and after your wax, your skin is cleansed, waxed, nourished and soothed.

You need to be hairless to be a high school hottie. We know that your first few waxes can be daunting, so we make sure that while you’re with us, you’re comfortable and cared for.


Full Moon

Includes waxing of both bum cheeks and between the cheeks

R 120.00

Two Moons

Includes waxing of both bum cheeks.

R 85.00

Total Eclipse

Includes waxing between the cheeks

R 90.00

Beach Ready

Includes waxing of the brief or speedo line

R 125.00


G-Thing line wax, does not include between the cheeks

R 170.00

South American Smile

Removes all hair except for a frontal strip. Excludes between the

R 210.00


Everything off, including in-between the bum cheeks.

R 250.00

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