Beginnings: The WAXIT Story

The WAXIT team were brought together as a result of the search for the best wax service. We were looking for the perfect combination of high quality products, quick service, good prices and easy bookings – without waiting over a week for an appointment.

We could never find anyone who could accommodate us at the last minute.

And when we could find someone who could help, they were often scary strangers in questionable cubicles – where the waxes were of such a low quality that we would leave layers of skin behind.

We realised that we had the solution to the problem: And that’s when WAXIT was born!

WAXIT was founded:

For availability: Because there is no competition for time from facials and manicures, there are always appointments available for waxes.

For quality: We know that the best products make for the best waxes – especially if you have sensitive skin. For this reason, we only use imported high quality French products.

For cost: We wanted to provide the best possible services for the most affordable prices so that everyone – men, women and young adults – could have access to waxing.

For hygiene: We are committed to cleanliness, which is why we deliver our services in an environment that is clean and professional and sets the standard for hygiene, sanitation and wax care. We don’t reuse sheets and gloves are mandatory for our WAXITologists. We sanitise our rooms between each appointment and we’ll provide you with fresh wipes for your comfort..

For privacy: Our WAXITologists are there to make your experience as comfortable as possible. They’ll lend you their ears if you’d like to chat, but if you’d like to relax, our rooms are equipped with wireless headphones and tablets so that you can read magazines, browse online or listen to music.

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